About Lainey Grace


Lainey Grace is a multi-gifted Psychic Medium.  She combines all of her abilities to provide you with a comprehensive reading experience with uncanny accuracy! Working with Spirit at the frequency of love, she reads your aura and chakras while channeling information and messages from your angels, guides and loved ones in spirit, including pets!  With a pendulum she answers your direct questions while providing deep insight into your past, present & future.  Your chakra reading reveals your innate talents, gifts and any energy blocks. Lainey will recommend crystals & meditations for support & balance of your aura & chakras.

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Psychic Development

Lainey teaches Psychic development classes and workshops. Upon completion, students will have the option to join a weekly Develoment Circle which is a guided practice environment designed to further enhance and support your development. Please subscribe below for details & information about upcoming classes, workshops and Development Circles.

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