Class Information

Psychic Development

This is is a 6 week (12 hour) course (2 hours per weekly session) that teaches you the basics from each of the areas of focus listed below.  This is a hands on interactive class that will provide you with the opportunity to connect with, explore and develop your innate psychic abilities through straight forward and easy to grasp methods in a nurturing and supportive environment. The exercises are designed for beginners as well as intermediate and advanced students.

Relaxation & Meditation
Learn breathing, posture and visualization techniques for relaxation and experience guided meditations to connect with your higher self and spirit guides

Psychic Shields and Protection
How to shield and protect yourself from negative energy

Chakras, Colors and Their Meanings
Understanding and working with the body's energy centers and associated colors 

The Clairs
Learn about the four main psychic senses and how to access and develop them

Learn to read energy through psychic touch

Introduction to Psychic Tools
Pendulums and Divination Cards

The Aura
How to see it and read it

Ethics, Etiquette and Suggested Guidelines
For mediumship and psychic readings

Practice Readings
You will have the opportunity to give practice readings to classmates and invited guests (sitters)

Please send an email to for registration  dates and information.

*Completion of the 6 week (12 hour) Development Course or a comparable psychic development course / workshop is a prerequisite to joining Lainey's Development Circle.  Information about the Development Circle will be provided at the end of the 6 week course.