“There’s an instant connection with Lainey Grace that you just can't help feel when you meet her.  She has good energy, a caring demeanor and her reading was both detailed and surprising.  Lainey Grace also leaves you with tips to help get through the grief and connect with loved ones in your dreams. Renee S."

"My experience of my reading was great.  I really had no idea what to expect. I came with the idea of getting feedback about a new career venture.  What I got was definite connection and communication to family members who had passed.  There was clearly a connection as there were things said and communicated  that no one else would know.  I received information for myself and other family members, I shared this experience with family and we have all been moved, touched and inspired and have all acted upon what was communicated.  Thank you for sharing your gift.  Your insight, passion and compassion are clearly evident in who you are in the world and you radiate with love, calm and caring.  Thank you again for sharing and teaching the world what is possible. Diana Z."

"I had a reading with Lainey Grace.  It was amazing.  She was able to tell me things there was no way she could have known.  She was extremely accurate and information just flowed from her. The setting around the reading was very calm and peaceful, which made me feel very at ease.  I am definitely going back and would absolutely recommend her to anyone who was interested. Terri F."  

“First of all I want to thank Lainey Grace for the healing she has brought to me during many of the clear and accurate readings I have received from her.  She is consistently precise and her insights are from the highest level of love. In addition to being extremely gifted, she is professional, approachable and compassionate.   I also participated in her Psychic Development Class. She provided a loving and tranquil environment that enabled me to embrace my gift so that I could connect with spirit in so many new and wonderful ways.   Whether you are seeking to connect with a loved one who has passed over or you are on your own spiritual journey,  the possibilities are limitless with Lainey Grace. Tara D."

 "I thoroughly enjoyed my reading with Lainey Grace.  I have never meditated and she was able to get me to a calm place before my reading.  I enjoyed her approach and genuinely left there in a calmer and happier place in my mind. Her calm and caring nature made it a very pleasurable reading. I can't wait to go again! Happily, Alex A."

I feel very blessed to have Lainey Grace in my life!    I live in Alaska, so we shared a long distance phone reading.  Words cannot express how deeply I was moved!!  She touched on so many different aspects of my life including my children and other loved ones; both here and beyond.  Months later I still have "Aha" moments.  Lainey Grace is blessed with a gift that she has taken time to understand and develop; a gift she is open to share.  I feel sure that any amount of time you spend with her will be both a positive experience and a blessing. ~With sisterly love, Tracy~ 

"Lainey Grace's Psychic Development Class was the best psychic class I've ever taken. She was informative and imaginative with her style of teaching and structuring. The lessons were interactive yet simple and fun. I can honestly say that the education gained in her class was priceless and have moved me further ahead with my gifts than I could have ever possibly imagined. ~Rachel W."

"I took Lainey Grace's Psychic Development Class in October.  Being in the space of positive, white light energy was so fantastic.  She created a loving, natural environment where it was OK to be myself and progress at my own speed.  As a result, my abilities have flourished beyond my dreams!  Regardless of where you are in your journey, this class will help you learn about and develop your gifts! Lauri A."